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What’s the best bit about your job?

Living in Majorca is a dream, working in the sea is priceless, and seeing the Sierra de Tramuntana every day from the boat, simply cannot be considered "working".

Where is your favourite place to visit in Mallorca?

Without a doubt, Puerto de Soller is my favourite place on the island, and probably in the whole world. Being in the water I love the trip to Sa Calobra, seeing the sunset in Sa Foradada is wonderful, walking through Fortnalux is unique; and thus listing places we can stay until tomorrow.

Funny stories?

Every day is different, and you are fascinated with new stories to tell when you are working with cool people! and if we are sailing...what else do we need to have fun?

I remember laughing a lot with my coworker Taylor when 10 cans of beer got broken after getting the whole boat clean last summer :)


After having lived in many places far away from home, I would never have imagined that my favourite was so close, Sóller is a paradise. I have worked many years in hospitality, serving my now Perfect Charter colleagues, you never know where life may take you or where an opportunity may come from. That simply makes your course change! We only have one life, so we have to be present, receptive and without fear of living our own way leaving fears aside!

How many years have you worked at Perfect Charter?

I was already working on board during 2022 and this will be my first year as captain. I am very excited about it, and of course, I hope it will be the first of many.

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