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The best bit about the job

Making people happy! We are blessed with such beauty in this area, combine that with our awesome boats and it's a super successful formula for putting smiles on faces, and maybe a bit to do with the Captain as well!!

Favourite place to visit

Sa foradada - this place is amazing, only really accessible by boat or a long hike down, there is a restaurant nestled on the cliffs overlooking the bay where we anchor, it has no mains electrics so most of the food is cooked on an open fire which you can smell from the boat! If you come to Mallorca you have to try this place.

Funny stories

I've done over 1600 charters so as you can imagine there are quite a few. A recent funny morning was when we were setting up our floating platforms for a client, this was the first time we had used the equipment and we only had a couple of hours to have everything ready, and there is a pool, 3 sofas, 2 large platforms and 1 platform with table and chairs. All of this has to be inflated on location, and there are huge!

We managed to do it, just, but it took around 6 of our team and i think every single one of us fell into the water at some point, but by the time our client arrived we were dry and looked like nothing had happened!!


Chris Adamson left school after attaining A levels and moved out to Australia to study as a Yacht master for both Sail and Motor.

During his training, Chris sailed various vessels on the East Coast of Australia up to the Whitsunday Islands and clocked up many thousands of miles in the process.

This experience has served him well for the time he’s skippered the Perfect Charter fleet, and you couldn’t be in safer hands when it comes to navigating the turquoise Mediterranean waters.

After his academic success, Chris went back to Southampton to study again and has also achieved the status of RYA Cruising Instructor for Yachts, and more recently RYA Yacht master for Motorboats

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